Natan Cunha is a Brazilian guitarist, from Bahia, born in Chapada Diamantina. He was born on May 13, 1999. He had his first contact with music when he was 9 years old, and since then he has never stopped.

His recognition in music was triggered by his first solo instrumental project entitled ''The Art of Existence'' in 2017.

Natan Cunha is also the founder of the Post-Hardcore/metal instrumental band called Rollfly, being his secondary project. And currently acts in the bands Al'qaeda, and Nirvana (Cover) in his city Seabra - Bahia.


Natan Cunha was born in Seabra, a municipality in the state of Bahia, in the Northeast region of Brazil. He had his first contact with music from an early age with the influence of his father Eliel, a great musician in his region and of great recognition in the city of Feira de Santana. Better known as (Pica Pau) in your region. Natan Cunha had his contact with music from an early age. When he was 9 years old, his father gave him a classical guitar, and he hasn't stopped since.

At age 12 his passion for the rock n' roll genre was evident, admiration for the songs of Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Death was his everyday life.

His fascination with guitarists like Chuck Schuldiner - Death, Chris Risola and Jason Becker was of equal size, because along with the classical guitar, Nathan studied guitar, and this instrument he was also self-taught.



 Natan also participated for a period of time in bands such as Domus From Hell, where he also founded, having his tracks recorded with them, in addition to having participated in several compositions and participation in his city and region.

 In addition, with his band Rollfly, he held events, keeping the Rock n' Roll tradition active in his region. He has worked as a sidekick with artists in the region, and has also recorded and produced side projects.

With Rollfly, he released an EP, recorded in his own home-studio.

 In 2018, Natan Cunha was a special guest at the 1st Festival of Instrumental Music in Seabra, formed by teachers and students from IFBA – Instituto Federal da Bahia. In the team, great musicians were his right arm, such as: the percussive group Batuque CES, Eric Barreto, Trio Baduê, and the Grupo Instrumental do Capão. The Festival is an initiative of the IFBA Campus Seabra, through the Research Group on Music Creation and Education.

 In addition to the presentations, the Festival also promoted musical preparation workshops open to the public and a brief Meeting of Musicians, which took place in the same place with the purpose of discussing the production of music in Chapada Diamantina and fostering new projects. Rock n roll was one of the pillars presented by Natan Cunha, keeping the tradition in his region.

In the year 2019, Nathan released his first solo instrumental album The Art of Existence which includes a variety of genres such as rock, metal, jazz fusion, hardcore punk and some classic metal textures. That same year, he returned to new compositions from his Rollfly project.


 His influences range from Rock to Jazz Fusion, and Metal in all its forms and variations, without prejudice or rules. Some of his favorite musicians are Chuck Schuldiner, Paulo Schoroeber, Jason Becker and Jeff Lommis. Currently, he has been studying heavier influences of the Death-metal genre with 7-string guitars.

 The Art of Existence (Solo Album);

 In 2016, Nathan reported that he would take some time off as a break and then start recording his first solo album. He said; ''It's something I've been wanting to do for a while... it will be like fulfilling a childhood dream''. On March 15, 2017, Natan said that all 7 songs that had been written and demos already composed, ready to be recorded and rearranged to definitive tracks for this first album.

 ''Synaptical Omnifarious'' 2019, ''Freak Engineering'' 2021, has been his current projects launched 2019-2021, from which Natan Cunha has been raising good reviews in his sounds; regions of Brazil and international cities such as Seattle, Miami, Lisbon, Portugal and Argentina have received a lot of feedback in their current projects.

 Natan Cunha is currently working on his new solo instrumental project, intituled '' Little Nightmares'' which will be released in 2022.